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Registration of Partnerships is always advisable for peaceful operations of business. Bizcrux helps you in easy registration of Partnerships. Our packages starts from Rs. 2,999/-

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What is Partnership

An association of persons who are running a business for the ultimate aim of sharing profits of the business is called a partnership. Unlike a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) the liabilities of the partners are unlimited. It is not mandatory to register a partnership but it is recommended to register partnerships for various advantages of its registration with Registrar of Firms.

Advantages of registration of Partnership

  1. Written terms and conditions of business
    Partnership deed is a written form of terms and conditions of business which decides the profit sharing ratios, capital contributions, rights and responsibilities of partners.
  2. Legal effects
  • Partner(s) can’t file a case in any court against the firm/ other partners unless firm is registered.
  • The unregistered firm or its partners can’t file a case against third party on breach of a contract but the third party can file a case
  • In case of a dispute with a third party, the unregistered firm or any of its partners cannot claim a set off
  1. Opening of Bank Account is Easy

Partnership deed and other KYC documents are required to open a Bank Account in the name of Partnership firm. Once you register your partnership it is easy to open a bank account.

  1. No requirement of filing your financials with Registrar
    Unlike LLP or there is no need to file annual financials documents with registrar on the other hand all other benefits of a registered entity are present in a registered partnership.

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